Debt Consolidation Loans

Our financial services avail the opportunity for our clients to regain financial freedom. Clients who have monthly repayment obligations which are no longer manageable are assisted to settle these obligations up to the maximum possible within their monthly earnings and pay a competitively small installment to FIRST FINANCE COMPANY. We understand the implications of financial stress as a result of being overly indebtedness to be far reaching; it negatively affects livelihood of the client, his/her family and productivity at work.

As FIRST FINANCE COMPANY we assist our client put a stop to excessive debt. As a socially responsible and registered financial institution, we offer FREE OF CHARGE, debt counselling and financial education to our clients to ensure that finances sourced from FIRST FINANCE COMPANY is put to good use

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  1. I heard that you are not giving out loans this days. Is it true? I just wanna review my short loan which i already paid for six months

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