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At FIRST FINANCE COMPANY we encourage our clients to accumulate enough savings to cater for the times of financial need. For many reasons, it does happen that accumulated savings are less than the funds required or the savings are invested in instruments that cannot be converted into cash as quickly as the situation at the time requires. FIRST FINANCE COMPANY prides herself in being accommodative of the diverse financial needs that of clients. Some of the emergencies that force our clients to request for urgent financial assistance include but not limited to; funeral, medical, legal expenses, etc. For such cases FIRST FINANCE COMPANY ensure that the client is assisted speedily, based not on the need per se, but based on affordability criteria.

It is the dream of all parents that children get the best education and have a brighter future. Education does not come cheap; it takes a lot of sacrifice and thorough planning on the side of the parent to achieve this. In the quest to take children to school and tertiary institutions parents and guardians who experience financial limitations come to FIRST FINANCE COMPANY and received educational loans, which are usually payable in 12 months. At FIRST FINANCE COMPANY we put education FIRST by ensuring that such loan requests are processed and disbursed as soon as possible because “YOUR PRIORITY IS OUR UTMOST PRIORITY”. Through our educational loans you can also be able to reach out to your goals

Car Loans
FIRST FINANCE COMPANY does not offer car loans the same way commercial banks do. We assist salaried clients in two ways; raise the deposit required by formal banks to buy brand new cars or assist those that wish to purchase second hand cars (mostly those older than five years which formal banks do not finance). Over and above credit life insurance, FIRST FINANCE COMPANY encourages her clients to take the necessary steps to insure the cars or other assets they buy after accessing our financial services to minimise possible losses.

Our financial services avail the opportunity for our clients to regain financial freedom. Clients who have monthly repayment obligations which are no longer manageable are assisted to settle these obligations up to the maximum possible within their monthly earnings and pay a competitively small installment to FIRST FINANCE COMPANY. We understand the implications of financial stress as a result of being overly indebtedness to be far reaching; it negatively affects livelihood of the client, his/her family and productivity at work. As FIRST FINANCE COMPANY we assist our client put a stop to excessive debt. As a socially responsible and registered financial institution, we offer FREE OF CHARGE, debt counselling and financial education to our clients to ensure that finances sourced from FIRST FINANCE COMPANY is put to good use.

This product is targeted at suppliers of goods and services who are holding invoices for unpaid supplies made to reputable local companies; such as parastatals; schools; private organizations etc. Invoice discounting is a useful method of releasing money tied-up in book debts. The invoices should not be older than 30 days and validity of invoice must be acknowledged and confirmed by the Corporate Company (Invoicee Company) before being discounted by way of signing a cession of the payment proceeds confirming that there is an outstanding payment due to the supplier (Invoice Discounting Applicant) and agreeing to cession of payment in full.

Benefits of Invoice Discounting

  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Turning credit sales to cash.
  • Business expansion without over trading.
  • No need for strong balance sheet to raise funding / cash.
  • It’s not about you, but the credit worthiness of your corporate buyer.
  • You get great capacity to bid for larger orders
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